natures treasures

Leaf bunting 1compressed

vine wreath compressed

feather bottles compressed

compressed pic of stone art During my life, even all through my childhood if I was somewhere out in nature I would always forage. My grandmother always took my three sisters & I to some kind of natural local. Sometimes it was just to the lake other times to a nature reserve. Every place we went I always managed to find some sort of natural “treasure” to bring home with me.

While I studied my art degree we were taught to weld, make casts in plaster even how to create using digital technology. But when I had the chance I would always go out in nature & find items to use. There is something special about using things that nature has herself created & adding your artistic mark to it. At times I even like to just bring them home & put them on display like some kind of trophy.

I have been fortunate that everywhere I have lived nature has always been so accessible. Where I live now I am the most blessed than I have ever been with natural places to forage. I especially love the beach & I am within walking distance of not one but two. On my way to Kendalls beach I pass a giant fig tree where I stop to collect the odd leaf. Then while on the beach I walk the shore line collecting driftwood & shells then climb the rocks at the end to check out the rock pools. Forever on the look out for some sort of interesting & inspiring natural item.

Since moving to Kiama, every time I go for a walk anywhere I take a canvas shopping bag & a pair of garden clippers with me never knowing what I might find.


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