The Importance of Definition

postcard 2 compressed - Copy
postcard 3 compressed - Copy
postcard 1 compressed
postcard 4 compressed - CopyUpon reading over my first post for at least the tenth time, (I am my own worst critic,) I noticed that I typed these words near the end to help describe my blogs content: creator, mother, business owner, wife and friend.

Two things occurred to me, the first that I had left out many other words that I could have typed there. Like, tea drinker, (well green tea actually) chocolate lover, dreamer, blah, blah, blah. To be honest I don’t think any of those are really important, I don’t feel that they help to “define” who I am. They don’t help to truly give you & most importantly me, a sence of who I am. The second thing was the order in which I wrote them. They are in an order because they have to be. It’s how we write, one word after the other. Because they are written in an order doesn’t mean that one is less important than the other. Each & every one of those words grouped together help to define me.

This all then brings forth the idea of the importance of definition. I am talking about how we define ourselves in terms of occupation, marital status etc. Do we place too much emphasis on using words like these, to describe ourselves & others? So much so that they then become labels? Do we then use these labels alone to decide whether you should like or want to know someone?

For me, when I do that, I stop using my instincts. I don’t notice someones tone or body language. I don’t “SEE” people for who they are. Then when I do it’s too late & I am then usually the one who gets hurt. So now I try not to focus less on whether someone works or not, if they are a mother or not, etc. Instead I focus more on how someone makes me feel. I think it is so important to surround yourself with people who make you feel happy. I know that above all else, all I want to be is happy. Who wouldn’t?

When I’m happy I feel well, energised and inspired.

mel xx


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