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The other day a beautiful lady I know messaged to tell me that she was doing some crafting that afternoon while watching ‘BIRDMAN : The Art of William T Cooper’. So upon her recommendation I downloaded the iview App & proceeded to do the same.

Cooper is widely known, published & respected for his immense talent in the art of painting birds. Any one who knows me knows that I adore animals especially birds. My art is constantly inspired by them and in turn nature. This documentary was about Cooper preparing works for his final exhibition. These works still contained birds as their subject matter and were still painted in his very accurate and precise manner. But these were also very different because of the freedom that the exhibition enabled. He was able to show his subject matter in a different light. He was able to paint the male bird in a mating pose, in his full glory & a clutch of chickens pecking seed off the ground. That’s what I enjoyed most about watching this documentary.

When I create I find that it’s very instinctual. Like my self. I don’t take a botanist or zoological approach to my art. I don’t sit for hours researching and sketching my subject matter. When I create I sit down wholly and completely inspired and let the work flow organically from me while using many different mediums. I have made birds out of fabric, modeled eggs from clay and I love to draw in multimedia, just to name a few. With nature as my guide the mediums I use to create with are endless. A few months ago I was inspired to use stones as my canvas which then inspired me to use leaves in the same manner. I like to let the object tell its story. I like to be able to say that the drift wood came from this beach, that stone from that river and this leaf is from that tree. I feel that is more important than any written history when it comes to creating art.

Creating art for me is a journey, which is not only governed by external influences, but also the internal. Both are equally important in fact for me they are very much intertwined.


Mel xx


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