“A wild wind is blowing in our world, unleashing a power born of the intensifying weather patterns of climate change along with a growing discontent with the imbalances in our personal lives and in the larger world. I feel it in my bones, in my soul and everywhere around me, a fierce and unrelenting force, eroding the pillars of our social order and exposing its root systems to the scrutiny of the sunlit world………..
When a tree falls down, the forest is opened up for the small seedlings to have their time in the sunlight. In death, there is a quickening where new life is called to the empty space left behind. Let us open to this wild wind of change. Let it strip away what no longer serves our lives and the life of our Earth home. Let us trust that a new season of the sacred feminine is upon us, and, though some pillars of our human-made world will fall, others, more caring and life-serving, will rise up in the empty space left behind.”~ Karen Clark ~

     It has been some time since my last blog post and there has been very good reason for that. The last post turned out to be the key to the final door of my personal awakening. It blindingly showed me the final thing that was being stripped away from my perceived personal reality.

As with all the layers that I have released I was blissfully unaware that I was in the process of shedding it, untill like that final pull of a bandaid when, with a few hairs firmly attached, it is painfully ripped from your being.

I have been told & now firmly believe that we all have a life path written out for us prior to our first breath. I guess you could say the path I chose was a doozy. (For those that know me well I am sure that you know what I mean.) Suffice to say it always has been, even in childhood, a bumpy sometimes treacherous path. Culminating in the last five years, which saw the need to leave Canberra & all of my family & friends behind. The desire & pull towards my current & final awakening, my “home-coming”, was instigated by just such an imbalance that was present in my personal life. This has been my journey of the last five years. I am now at the end of that five year cycle that began back in Canberra.

Last February saw the beginning of this end, the bump in my path that led to this current & absolute need for change. For my “final awakening.” I say final because I truly do feel healed, awake & present. I feel it in my bones & my soul. The last twelve months has seen this final “death” & subsequent “quickening.”

…… It has had me stripping, shedding, releasing, forging & creating a new life. A new path as a creator, buisness owner & now single mother.

Mel x


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