I AM….


This month’s full moon is nearly upon us & I am already feeling it’s strong pull, along with the other powerful energies that this month is said to bring. Like the ocean I feel my whole being moving & stirring. I had been informed that with these energies this might happen, so in the hope that it would, I have been sitting waiting & preparing for it’s arrival. To let it  help bring up & bring out any stuck emotions, feelings & sensations so that I could make them my friend. To shed light down into any hidden corners & take what ever is found there by the hand, to completely & lovingly accept it as a part of myself.

With eyes filled with tears of gratitude I can feel it starting to happen.

So in writting this blog post I am setting the intention to do this for myself. I have organised to take off my mummy hat for a few nights so that I can give myself time & space to do just that.

I am going to meditate, bathe, create & dream. I am going to weave, draw & work on my upcoming exhibition. I am going to sit, laugh, cry & just be. I am taking myself by the hand, every part of my being & I am going to let it feel nothing but unconditional love.

What are you going to do for yourself during this powerful time?

Mel x


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