Journey to the feminine divine…


I Listen!

“The wind dances on the threads that try to tie her down. But her faith is humble, she knows there is a heavenly story. A silent voice she can not deny. She knows her soul belongs to the angelic realms.” Melissa Fraser

She lived the life of a Tom boy. To her the world of the masculine was safe. There she would show no outward sign of her inner emotions, and in this world she was comfortable with the feel of tools in her hand. She often liked to hammer nails into pieces of wood while the sound of her father’s electric saw hummed in the background and the heady aroma of freshly cut timber filled her head. ” Hold the handle further up and you will have more control. ” Her father would say, he always felt strong and stable & she found his energy assuring.

But there was also the world of the quiet. To her this place was mysterious but at the same time very familiar. It was a secret and very private place. Her grandmother was the representative of that world for her. There was always a silent knowing between them. They were able to communicate without words and her intuition was always the strongest when she was in her grandmother’s presence. Her time spent with her grandmother allowed her and her three sisters an escape from the dark, angry abusive world of their mother, and for that she is eternally greatful.

They were the pre teen years of her life, the next 28 were filled with more abuse, pain and loss, dotted with moments of love and joy. With a marriage and the birth of three beautiful daughters. During these years the call of that quiet and mysterious place was always there gently stroking at the edges of her mind, but she miss took its gentleness for weakness. She never understood how much power actually lay within there. During that time she didn’t realise her darkest moments were the ones where she was the most detached from that place. Surprisingly though it never left her inspite of her neglect. It couldn’t because it was actually a part of her.

She has learnt that this place lies deep within. It is the the place from where her light now shines, from where her greatest ideas are born and from where she now lives her life. A life that is lived full of love, confidence and powertools. Both worlds blend perfectly together, and she understands that you cannot have one without the other. She knows now with every molecule of her being that the life she has lived till now has been her journey home.

Home to the feminine divine

Mel xx


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