To all the people in my life…… 

They say every one is in your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. That the people who are in our lives at any particular point in time are mirrors reflecting back to you parts of yourself. It can be through your relationship with them, through the life experiences that you have with them, or simply by them just being the person that they are. I have again been reminded to apply these principals to my current life situation. In doing this it helps to remove my “ego” out of the equation. To help me let go of the “victom” role and find forgiveness for myself to make peace with my life and my decisions so that I can move forward.

My children are the easy ones to interpret given the childhood I had. I am constantly being taught lessons through them. From understanding why my mother was the way she was and making peace with it. To learning how to support my inner child and forgive her for the decisions that she made and the coping mechanisms she used to successfully navigate our childhood. An example of this was my twins reaching the age I was when the sexual abuse started. I got to look at how young they actually were and see that I too was just a child. Because of this I look to my inner child now in awe. This is just one example of many.

Then there are my friends. Well now that is a completely different story. My friends are as varied as the different parts of myself that make up my entire being.
One is strong and stable like a big ship. She teaches me how to weather lifes storms calmly and humbly. She is loyal and trustworthy. Warm and safe.
One is strong and firey. She is always completely honest and brutally so. Which I love her for and also extremely kind. Two of the most important qualities in a person. She mirrors that part of myself and is always reminding me that I am the same just at the right times.
One is emotionally fragile. She is like the finest glass. She too is alarmingly honest but from a self expressive point of view. She teaches me gentleness and patience. She too helps me understand and forgive my inner child.
One is a true fighter and currently the most confronting mirror of them all. What you see externally in him at the moment is a perfect mirror of how I am feeling internally right now. His physical self perfectly mirrors my emotional self. Not in prognosis but in the pain and wear and tear. Each day he gets up, gets moving and soldiers on. This mirror is the most humbling of them all at the moment. A broken body can’t always heal but a broken heart can.
These are only a few people and there will always be more. To each and everyone of you Thank you xxx

Copyright Melissa Fraser 2017
Please share respectfully giving clear and full author credit and links. Please do not reproduce in full on your websites and blogs without prior permission.


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